A Teeny Tiny Thing Called Covid-19

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

As we all know, humanity had a lot of catastrophes in the past. The plague, black death, Spanish flu, earthquakes all around the world, tsunamis, meteors etc. We also had wars. 100 year war between France and Britain, which lasted 116 years in fact, World Wars,  in which many countries of the worls fought and killed and died.. Millions were killed during those wars.

The Spanish flu is estimated to have killed 50-100 million people. Image from Netflix.

When I say millions, I don’t mean in numbers. I mean in lives. Each one of them was a life, a soul, a human being with a family and loved ones. And they were killed by people exactly like them. Just an example would be from Indonesia: Communists were framed to be godless and sinners, in the end their neighbours killed them. Not just killed, but butchered them.

During the 1918 pandemic of the Spanish Flu, according to some estimates about 100 million people died. They were not killed. Their death came in the form of a flu virus. Not by another person. The number of lives lost at this flu is far greater than the number of people killed during the two world wars combined.

We, human beings, think of ourselves very important. In fact, we assume ourselves to be the most important being on earth. Einstein once told that with the end of bee life on earth, we’d have only about 4 years to live. Einstein was a genius and one of the brightest minds of his time and of all times. So, according to Einstein and this explanation, we are not the most important beings on earth.

Let’s think about us, human beings. We have achieved a lot in our lifetime.

We built houses to live in.

We founded internet to connect the whole world.

We built machines, cars to get us everywhere we want.

We built planes to fly us anywhere on earth.

We built cities to live in.

We built temples to worship in.

We built submarines to be able to go in the seas or the oceans.

With all our capabilities and achievements, we are not as almighty as we think we are. Just a very strong earthquake may easily be catastrophic and cost us millions of lives. If a tsunami hit our city, we’ll also lose everything, not just what we’ve built so far but our lives as well.

We all know how it was in Australia with the latest fires, which consumed and affected most of the country. How powerless we were during this time.

On the other hand, if we are infected with a deadly and very infectious virus, we’ll both die and infect others to have similar ends like us. A teeny tiny virus, which cannot be observed with human eye since it’s at microscobic level, caused the whole world to go in lockdown.

When I hear governments talk about “fight against coronavirus”, “tackle the virus”, “that the virus is not greater than the precautions we take” all I hear is but nonsense. Just because they are word games, if not cheating the public.

This is how Covid-19 looks like and what it has in terms of a being.

The corona virus, or any other virus or bacteria for that matter, is not an enemy.

Viruses do not have their own brains.

They cannot think.

They cannot fight.

They do what they are supposed to do. Nothing else.

Viruses are not even fully living beings according to science.

So, what is this nonsense that we are talking about? It’s just the governments trying to cheat us, make us think that the virus is an enemy that we can fight our way through. It just is not. They are not the enemy. They do what they are supposed to do. No more.

At school, when we were thought something, I was always trying to apply it to life. That’s why I didn’t have problem learning them. I am just asking everyone to think of their school time and what they learnt about viruses. It’s very important. The viruses are not intelligent beings. They don’t have brains. As I wrote above, they are not even considered as living beings.

And this teeny tiny virus made about almost 8 billion people at hourse arrest.

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay


Think of the human race.

We think of us all powerful.

That the world is ours.

That we are entitled to do whatever we want with the world.

We can do everything simply because we have a brain and we can think, create strategy, act and be clever/tricky when we want to.

When one compares human beings and other creatures on earth, I’d never say that the humans are more important. Never. According to a study, if as the human beings we were to leave the world completely, in about 150 years time the world will be as if humans never lived in it. We are a destructive race, maybe even most destructive ever walked on earth.

I also hear environmentalists say outloud that we should save the world.

From whom?

From us, ourselves?

We don’t need to save the world. There is a perfect balance on earth, if we don’t meddle with its affairs.

I hear from the news that the Venice canals are visited by dolphins after a long long time. The sky was a lot brighter and blue colour in Wuhan and many parts of China. In many cities, since there are not humans on the streets, people can hear birds chirping. In some northern parts of London, some deers came to the city to see what’s going on and why people are not around. This clearly means that the nature is taking back what we took from her.

We, as humans, are very insignificant on this earth. The worst part of it is that we are ingorant of being so insignificant. This can be understood by the astronauts. Especially the ones at International Space Station. When they look from that far above, they see that we’re just nothing compared to the world, the planet we live in. Just like the virus, we’re teeny tiny beings on earth.

We are next to powerless against the nature. We just need to learn that.

What we need to learn from this pandemic is basically that we are not the only owners of the world. We are a part of the world and we need to act like it. And this world is our only home. Even if we find other planets, which would have similar infrastructure like Earth, it’d never feel like home. This is our home and we should cherish it and protect it and keep our lives sustainable.

Who needs a new iPhone or Samsung Galaxy every year?

Who needs a new tablet a new computer every year?

Who really needs a big screen smart phone, a tablet with a bit larger screen than the smart phone, a laptop of a bit larger screen than the tablet at the same time? I never owned a tablet and I’m not really looking forward to buying one soon for instance.

Do you really need all those electronic gadgets at your home? All at the same time?

I can give so many similar examples. The idea is that we don’t. So, let’s stop consuming so much and start changing how we live, thus the world.


Note: I just watched a video interview of an astronaut from International Space Station and wanted to write my opinions as well.

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