The World We Live in and Davos

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Interesting two very different talks. Both are applauded almost equally. Completely different futures are told in each speech.

When I think of it, I think of Davos as a big circus of money making  for the S people and Switzerland as a country.

They are earning.

People are talking.

In the end, nothing changes.


Trump is the same old Trump. And world “leaders”. All they care is getting richer themselves and their citizens. Future is overrated for them. They are not acting like leaders of countries but CEOs of big, international corporations. They don’t care about anything but to make their shareholders richer. And as people, we’ll keep trying to change the leaders instead of ourselves. Not for Turkey though. Although the country is going down by day, becoming poorer everyday, unemployment rates are sky high, the leader of Turkey does not care.

Check the talk on here:

Greta is warning the world leaders to work today to prevent the global warming. She’s using big words and is very serious about her claims. What she claims has become a part of our lives for some years now. It’s realluy serious. However, as people are applauding her, I’m not sure how serious they are in order to make some steps towards preventing global warming. It’s very serious business. As for this year only, many disasters are coming one after another one.

There is an old joke:

There is a saddler in a far far away country. He makes great saddles and the donkeys are very happy with the results. He takes measurement from every possible angle. He uses good material and makes perfect-fit saddles. One day, the saddler dies and another one emerges.

According to this new one, he is even a greater saddler. Because unlike the previous saddler, this guy does not need to take measurements from the donkeys directly. He sees and immediately knows the exact size the saddle should be. However, things do not go as he claims. First, the donkeys think that this new saddler is great and even better than the previous one. In time, starting the first donkeys trying his saddles, problems start to surface. As time passes, all donkeys become agitated and enraged with this new saddler, since the saddles he makes are not perfect fit like the previous one. They have several wounds on their backs and since they have to work every day, the wounds and injuries do not get better.

One day, one of the donkeys dies because the saddle is not well made and did not fit on its back. The donkeys get enraged and start protesting. Some changes occur and new saddles do not cause so much discomfort anymore. The donkeys cool down for a while. But after some time, the saddles become even worse than before and the saddler still claims he knows what he is doing and he is best at his job.

After so much pain and injuries, the donkeys organises the biggest rally the country has ever seen. They come together and march against the sadller’s house. They talk about tearing down his house and killing him in due process. Among all, one donkey goes first and jumps on the roof of saddler’s house. He starts addressing the donkeys. He says:

-My fellow friends. We are here gathering to bring down the saddler. He does not make good saddles and we are suffering because of that. However, we did not have these problems with the previous saddler, since he was very good and was always taking measurements. We first liked this guy as well but look what happened. He made all of us suffer. Let’s go and kill him. But think before: If we kill him, what will happen? Another saddler will emerge. Can you guarantee that he will be any better? None of you can. So, we should first stop being a donkey, saying yes and good to everything. We should change ourselves first. Because if we stay donkeys as we are now, no change in saddlers will change anything. We should change.

As I explain, we have a lot of problems in this world and they are not going to solve themselves. When I look at the world, I see many right wing parties governing our countries. And their biggest source of votes is fear. They make us fear of “others” and vote them to bring us a better world. What we miss is basically to govern our countries like we did in the past. Start eliminating threats to this world and informing everybody about what to do. If we stop being a donkey and really take the control in our hands, then the real change will start. We need more Gretas in this world. She’s just 13 but she’s a lot more courage than many adults.

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