The Key To Happiness: Photography

Reflection of London Eye
We see what we reflect.

Yes, photography can be a key to your happiness. I am not talking about times when you are taking photos but a more permanent one. More of a relatively constant state, than a temporary one. Constant happiness is non-existent. It is simply impossible to be happy all the time. Life happens, whether we like it or not. However, photography can help at this point. Though my theory may sound a bit outlandish and even impossible, at the end of the article, you may think that I am right.

Let me explain.

First of all, keep in mind that one does not need a proper camera to start photography in today’s world. One requires a mobile phone with a camera, which is also available with almost all the phones in the market. To be perfectly honest, because mobile phones use a lot of AI for their cameras, sometimes mobile phones can take even better photos than a proper camera. Our mobile phones are always with us.

After this information, let me go back to the beginning.


Believe it or not, happiness is mostly related to one’s point of view or perspective. Looking at the same place, two people see things from their unique perspectives. Some may like what they see and some may hate. The one who hates is the one who has unrealistic expectations for that moment in time. They don’t always realise it. But that is a topic for another article.

Photographers, on the other hand, are a group of people who like what they see, because they have a photographer’s perspective. In other words, the photographer has a unique photographer’s perspective. It’s an aesthetic one. They see beauty from their perspective. It looks beautiful. Then they take the shot. If one is a photographer for quite a long time, one sees the world differently. One sees beautiful photos everywhere one looks.

On different occasions, my friends have told me many, many times: What a nice shot you took! We have never seen this place like that. This is the photographer’s perspective.

This feedback alone is enough to prove that it depends on your perspective. Whatever one sees. Especially in daily life. Since I have been in photography for a long time, everywhere I look, I see a beautiful photo. I take the ones I find most beautiful. If you want to check the results, you can check my photographer’s Instagram account. @azemalptekin.

To start with proper photography, one has to get some basic photography training. I would also recommend a ‘composition in photography’ course as well. Once one learns these two, one can start practising it. In time, one will start to see photos all around and the outcome will be great. You will become a good photographer and you will learn to look at the world from a beautiful perspective. Once started, there is no going back. Even if you do not continue with your photography, you will still have the skills and the perspective.

Alternatively, one can check YouTube for one’s photography training. It will be a free solution.

As I stated at the beginning, happiness is all about our perspective. Not dependent on our experiences or what we see. If we look at things from a good, aesthetic perspective, we will see them as beautiful things, rather than ugly ones, even if we do not take the photo. Seeing this beauty, one becomes happy. That is why I highly recommend everybody to get photography training. With that, we will have a more beautiful world.

What do you think? Am I right?

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