Dear 2023

Dear 2023,

Thank you for all that you brought to me since your beginning last 1 January. I cannot say that I enjoyed every moment with you. That would be a huge lie. What I can tell you is that there were a lot of moments that made me enjoy you very much and quite some which made me feel sad, disappointed and sorrowful. As is life, is you’d know well. Yet, I am grateful to you for all the time I spent with you. The not-so-great moments were, though, not your fault. Partially mine and partially external sources. I’m not here to judge you or blame you for them. As I always (try to) learn from my mistakes, I did my best on that front and am ready to move on.

Some may say that they are glad that you were gone. Don’t worry and don’t mind them. They are just being silly and blaming you for their wrongdoings. You’re not to blame, we are. As the saying goes, it’s not you, it’s me (or in this case, us). Just like every relationship (since ours was not the ‘till death do us part’ sort of arrangement), ours must come to an end and it did last night. When I say that every relationship must come to an end, I am just being realistic. In our case, we both knew that ours would last but a year, not longer. You’ve been great and your successor is already here. So, I must say farewell and welcome 2024. I’m sure at the end of one year, many will still blame your successor and not themselves. I’ll not be one of them. I’ll enjoy and try to cherish every waking moment of my time with 2024. I cannot claim that I will manage that 100%. That would be a lie and I don’t lie. And I know I am merely a human being with all my strengths, flaws, and weaknesses. With this, though, comes my great strength. I know for a fact that I am even stronger this year.

All of this and more will be accompanying me in this new year.

After several years of struggle of trying to find my place on earth and my reason for existence and what I want in life, this year I know more about all and I will get them. One step at a time, though. This knowledge gives me confidence and motivation. I hope it will also give you peace of mind, knowing that I am in good hands.

For now, take care and be great and rest easy. I’ll not be able to see you again, unfortunately. You can get the updates from your successor next year this time.

Bye for now and let me start enjoying my new journey with 2024.

With all my best wishes




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