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London Sunset
London Sunset
Lately, I realised that I am using both Amazon UK and eBay UK for my shopping needs. CurrysPCWorld is also a good choice. But more recently I cannot find what I am looking for at Amazon, since their system insists to bring what I don’t want. When there are a million options to choose from, in fact that means that there is no choice at all.
Let me give a bit more detail on it. Suppose I am looking for a screen protector for my phone. On Amazon, I am looking for alternatives and Amazon, instead of showing me only the screen protectors, is offering me to check cases, cables and adapters for mobile phones. That may be their policy, to try to sell people more products, but if I feel like I am not on the right track to finding what exactly I am looking for, I just give up and go to eBay instead.
On eBay, the filtre system is quite extensive. I cannot say that it’s perfect. It’s far from it. But a lot better from Amazon’s at the same time. Since there are not many different choices of online platforms like in Turkey, I prefer to buy from eBay. Mainly because I don’t want to spend hours trying to look for exactly the right product I am looking for. When I look for a specific product, meaning that I know the brand, the model, the colour and every detail of what I want, I just search for it and get it from the cheapest place I can, since that is the wisest solution at hand.
We don’t have infinite time on this earth and most certainly not that long time to be spending our time in front of a computer screen or on a mobile phone. If the online retail companies cannot provide this basic necessity, I can always find a solution for myself, since that is what I am best at, finding solutions.
I just want to inform all the online retailers to reflect upon that. Best filtering brings purchase withing the shortest time frame. And when one spends more than enough time to purchase something and is confused by the virtually infinite number of choices, in majority of cases, one does not buy. Simple as that.
Shopping should be fun, not time consuming.

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