To Be Right or To Be Wrong!

To be right or to be wrong, that's the question.

To be right or to be wrong?

For many people, the answer is To Be Right. It is quite understandable. They are right in their own rights, from their perspective.

  • Who wants to be wrong?
  • I want to be wrong! 

I prefer to be wrong!

Simply because when I am right, it does not do me any good, except boosting my ego a little. I do not think it would do me any good to inflate my ego even more. I already have a boosted ego. Additionally, the boosted ego leaves the person behind. Behind a virtual safety net. So that the person would feel safe and stay the same. Just like the comfort zone we hear all the time. This way, one always thinks that one knows. Assuming you know is also a huge obstacle towards learning new things. You keep being in the same place all the time. Some may prefer to stay the same, in their comfort zone. I have no objection to them either. Personal preference anyway. Just not for me. I prefer continuous growth and learning. One cannot achieve that if one feels or is right all the time. 

Being wrong, on the other hand, is great. Because if one is wrong, one learns something new. One improves oneself. The question in the title changes as follows:

– To learn OR to keep with what you know (or what you think you know)?

We can also call it: Confirming your knowledge, instead of keeping with what you know. But in both cases, the validity of our knowledge is valid for the current conditions. The result may vary under different conditions. The situation is different when you learn new information. A new area opens up in your brain. You grow with this new knowledge.

New knowledge raises new questions.

New questions trigger more learning.

Good stuff, you see. To me, of course. Not everybody’s cup of tea.

What about you?

Do you prefer to be right or wrong?

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