Kids and Imagination

Kids are the most awesome version of us. Their imagination is truly remarkable. They build up things in their mind. Stories. And then tell them us like it’s the fact. This is not a lie. Their mind is doing awesome stuff. However, during our studies, we learn how not to think in an imaginative way. We lose our touch to the infinite possibilities the universe has to provide us.

Sometimes when I talk to kids, I feel like telling them why somethings cannot be or how they should do some stuff. I sometimes did this with my little brother when he was really young. He’s 20 now though. Just when he was trying to do something in a way, which is not possible for me, I was starting to say that it was not possible. Then I was stopping myself and let him figure it out by himself. This way, he would learn and use his imagination. Several times I tried this and few times he found a different way than I expected. So, I became more sure that this was the right thing to do. When their imagination is active, just let them speak up. Tell their mind. Let them figure it out. Be their own person. This, not only helps their imagination, but also helps them build character. A strong one at that.

As you see in the video, Bill Cosby is also not directly saying the kid that she was wrong. He’s just trying to make her understand the wrong logic of hers. In the end, he’s giving it up against the persistance of the kid.

Persistance is also something we should not lose as we grow up. One of the best things of being a kid is that they would persist until they get what they want. They never give up. But we do. As we get older, we do it a lot faster.

Kids never need big and fancy toys. All they need is whatever they have around themselves. They can be happy with just some newspaper or an empty box. They can do everything with it. Some paper and some crayons would give them a world of opportunities. They’d never get bored.

One last thing about being a kid is that they are not shy. They just tell whatever they want directly to your face. They don’t yet know shame. Which is awesome. Because this way they can say their mind easily and would know that nobody would judge them for that.

Let’s try to keep the kids inside us. We’d be a lot happier that way.


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