Pandemic – Covid-19

We’re human beings.

We do,

We learn,

and go ahead with our lives.

We learn from our mistakes. That’s how we survived so far. Just look at the pandemics in the past. The black death. MERS, SARS etc.

But this time, as I see how the governments act, I feel like nothing has been learnt from the past.
Many Western governments, like USA, and many European countries are trying to stop the downfall of the economy, instead of focusing on real, hard preventive measures for the problem at hand: The Pandemic.

Our current economy is based on consumerism. We constantly consume the things we don’t need. We constantly buy but we don’t know why we buy thouse stuff. We think we do but in fact we don’t.

What we have now is that dillemma. People are not buying (I don’t mean food or essential hygene materials). Flights have been cancelled. Whole countries are going in lockdown. Even now, police forces are going in the streets, to prevent mass gatherings. How can they still think about the stock market or economy?

Italy is a bit too late to take real action. They are the first ones to go in lockdown with the whole country. And this is one of the industrialised nations of our time. How will it be?

The answer is really quite easy. With the world going close to 8 billion in habitants, it’s some challenges in it. I’m not a scientist or a doctor. Biology was my worst subject at high school. But even I know the answer, thanks to being able to think in an analytical way.

When such a pandemic happens, the first action would be to contaminate the spreading of the virus.

When one can truly contaminate the virus, the next step would be to determine who has the virus. Thus the testing. Saying the public to stay at home, if the symptoms are seen, to isolate oneself is not a solution. Mobile teams may visit those houses and test people. Then inform them whether they should be hospitalised or stay at home and get treatment from their friends and relatives.

Some medical teams would start curing people as fast as posisble.

The governments, on the other hand, can focus on providing help to all the people in need: Elderly and children first. Providing proper masks to hospitals and elderly should not be that difficult.

When spreading the virus is contaminated, peple are treated, a vaccine is found, than the problem will truly be solved.

If the first step, contamination, does not work, the rest is just meaningless.

Closing schools for instance. It’s one of the first steps to be taken. But even that is not applied in many countries.

What we, public do? We follow the warnings. Stay at home. don’t get in close contact with other people and don’t travel unless it’s definitely necessary. Then we may have a chance to beat this tiny teeny thing called a Virus.

Although it would be very busy, there were very few people around the Tower Bridge and they were not condensed at a single spot. People were staying away from one another, unless they know each other.

Truth be told, we’ll never beat this virus. We are just trying to gain some time in order to stay healthy until the scientists find a cure, a vaccine for the virus. We’ll all, eventually, get infected. But the aim is not not to get infected, but be vaccined when that happens, which does not seem to happen in very close future. Fingers crossed!

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