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The Story of Making a Toast

What do you know about making a toast? Now, before you go on reading it, tell yourself what you think first when you hear ‘making a toast’. You have the answer. Go on reading 🙂Here is a well burnt toast. If you thought of making

A two-woman duet performance

Spoken Word İstanbul

Have you heard of Spoken Word? It’s an open-mic event. A microphone and a stage. All yours. For 6 minutes. You can do and say all you want. Just a few key rules apply: You cannot be homophobic. You cannot be racist. You cannot be

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Living Means More Than Merely Staying Alive

  At least it should mean more. But what do I mean by saying ‘more’? You may have already heard of the term ‘purpose of life’, depending on your age. In fact I think everybody above 12 must have heard ‘purpose of life’ at least

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European Voluntary Service

European Voluntary Service, or EVS in short, is a part of the Erasmus+ programme. The service allows one to go and live at one of the EU countries and some programme countries from two weeks for up to one whole year. The best information source

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This is my world

It’s been quite a while since I wanted to have my own website. As a perfectionist, I wanted to make it perfect. After a while, weighing my personality and how I work and when I could finish the perfect website, I concluded that it was