Like my second home, Germany is.

The story began with taking German language course during my university studies. After German 1, the second semester I registered for German 2 and barely passed it. Normally very good with language learning, maybe cause of lacking paying enough, or taking courses in four different languages, three of them for language learning, I decided to give up trying to learn it after second semester. I was saying that I was going to go to Germany and learn it there.

2,5 years passed and I was on my way to Germany. This time to live and learn it.

Not completely with open arms but still Germany, especially Cologne welcomed me. Spending 364 days, one day less than a year, I was able to learn the language, travel around the country and the continent and having the most peace of mind I’ve had in my entire life. There is a special reason for having peace of mind in Germany. Things were going quite smoothly and with little to none change. Unlike my country, Turkey, and my city Istanbul, Germany and especially Cologne was quite peaceful city. Not very quiet. No. Just peaceful. The minute I stepped out of my dormitory door, I knew at what time I’d be at work. All public transportation was almost always on-time.

Germany, as I saw it, was a quite green country. All around the city there was parks, and green spaces for people to go and spend time. It was not a small city, Cologne, but still quite small comparing with Istanbul. It had a bit more than one million inhabitants. The most populated city in Germany is Berlin with about 3,6million inhabitants. German cities are, in general, not so densly populated. The cities are big but not gigantic like Istanbul. Public transportation in the cities is quite on-time. Once I’ve been travelling in a public bus and saw the bus arrive at a bus-stop and wait for a minute or two just not to leave early and arrive the other stop on time. In the big cities like Berlin and Munich there are also night busses.

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